CSS3 UI Elements – Toggle Buttons

CSS3 Toggles

A friend of mine created a Pinterest board with various toggles, buttons and other interesting controls and UI elements that he found on the web. So, I decided to try my hand at creating some of these controls using CSS3 (w/ a tiny bit of behavior via JavaScript).

So I recreated the orange toggle (bit weak if I am perfectly honest but it was a bit of a rush job and I’ve to come back and polish it up) and one of the brushed metal toggles.

Mozilla shows off upcoming Firefox UX changes

This is a slide show presentation by Mozilla’s UX lead Madhava Enros about some of the work his team is doing on Firefox UX. I love the unified interface and especially the way they handle the differences between tablet and smartphone interfaces. In particularly I’m really digging what they’re doing for Windows 8 version of the UI (slide 45) – it’s essentially taking the Windows 8 grid and dashboard view and putting it inside the browser. It looks really good and I actually wouldn’t min seeing this kind of approach in desktop UI in general. Anyway, if you’re into UI, UX or just good interface design it’s worth going through the slide to see what might be coming or even just get some inspiration for your own work.