Say No to CSS hacks

As web developers we have a responsibility to move the web forward, yet I still regularly encounter posts, comments and articles about various CSS hacks, majority of which are of course related to IE6 and IE7. What’s more, every once in a while I even see somebody post a new hack. Well, I say no more! I say we need to stop this self destructive behaviour. Read more »

Moving the world off Internet Explorer 6 – the right way

Even Microsoft is sick of Internet Explorer 6, and they have finally started making a real push to get people to stop using it and upgrade to a better browser. They even started a website dedicated to tracking the, hopefully dwindling, use of IE6 – On this website they encourage people to spread the word on twitter via the #ie6countdown hashtag, and they also offer a banner you can put on your website, that would only appear to IE6 users and it encourages them to upgrade to a better browser. Naturally the better browser being IE9. Or is it? Read more »