How to do a header without a header – tiny solution to a big problem

I recently had a post in which I talked all about how the name of the site should really only use <h1> on the front page, and on the other pages it should take a backseat to whatever header the content has (post title for example). Well, I just ran into a problem related to that approach with the new design. Before I proceed though I must confess, the title of this post is sensationalist because the problem isn’t big. The issue is with the category pages – my design does not include a category title on a category page. Read more »

Site name shouldn’t use <h1> on every page. Duh!

Unless it’s on the home page of course.

I’ve been using <h1> for site name in my designs since forever, and somehow, with all the reading up on SEO and best practices that I’ve been doing, I still managed to miss the fact that that shouldn’t be the case unless it’s on the home page. Of course it completely makes sense and is so obvious I should smack myself upside the head for not seeing this sooner. Read more »

Custom AddThis share button

I wanted to have an AddThis share button that would fit better with the site’s design, and if you’re reading this post on its own page you can scroll down and see what I mean. While AddThis provides plenty of ways to customize their buttons, there is no way to assign your own image to the icon, which means doing it the hard way… well, relatively speaking of course.

There are three main steps to creating a customized share button. There’s some javascript to include in the footer.php, few lines of html to add at the end of your posts, and of course some styles and the icon itself.
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