Nexus Prime and Ice Cream Sandwich – Everything We Know

Sumsung's Unpacked event teaser

In the world of technology and gadgets this past week has been eventful to say the least. I have already posted on the sadder side of it, but now I want to talk about the more exciting news surrounding the rumoured Nexus Prime and the next version of Android OS dubbed Ice Cream Sandwich. This is a phone I’ve been waiting for since before it was even rumoured, because when I saw the Nexus S I knew I’ll be waiting for the next Nexus phone. So when first a a photo of the phone was leaked, which was then followed by a video of it in action, then a Samsung’s teaser clip, for their Unpacked event, and finally more leaked screenshots, needless to say I was very excited. Read more »

Ice Cream Sandwich first screenshots leaked

Ice Cream Sandwich Home screenLooks like some photos of Ice Cream Sandwich have been leaked to a couple of sites. Ice Cream Sandwich is Google’s next iteration of the Android platform, which is suppose to unify Gingerbread, latest smartphone variation of the OS, with Honeycomb, the latest (and so far the first) tablet variation. There are four screenshots in total, two of them are on RootzWiki and two are on Android Police. They show Ice Cream Sandwich running on Nexus S, though there are a lot of black out sections.

Most likely this is an extremely early version of the OS but it’s already showing some neat things like a new look for folders, separate “Widgets” tab in app launcher and that blue theme we first saw on Honeycomb. Read more »

Google+ search shortcuts for Firefox

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you heard of Google Plus. The new social project from Google is exploding like crazy and has already suppressed 10 million users – that’s after 2 weeks with very limited invitations for the first one. So if anything, it’s going to grow even faster once Google fully opens it up. As users are exploring Google+ they’re finding out the ins and outs of the service and figuring out various shortcuts and tricks that can be used, in fact they even started a collaborative project to keep track of everything there is to know about Google+.

One of the tips that caught my eye was for searching Google+ posts and profiles right from Chrome’s url bar. I quickly realized that this is easily doable in Firefox as well. So here’s a quick guide to setting up the Firefox awesome bar to search Google+ posts and profiles. Read more »

My thoughts on Google+

Google+ Project

Google have finally stepped up their social game and released Google+ – a clever mix of Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Google’s own magic sauce – and I gotta say, so far it’s winning me over. Much thanks goes to Jason Hanley for sending me an invite and giving me the opportunity to be one of the early adopters. Below I share my initial thoughts and impressions, and if you’re on Google+ feel free to add me to your circle. Read more »

Google Wallet and the Future of Shopping

So Google has come out with a new service called Google Wallet, which basically lets you pay with your cellphone (Nexus S only for now) instead of credit or debit card, using the NFC chip. This sparked a big debate – is it safe, can we trust Google with all this information, and so on. All legitimate concerns, and in fact my first reaction to this was that this is a bit too much information for Google to have on me (and I’m a big Google fan) but as I thought more about it I realized that actually it’s not such a big deal after all. Read more »

More Codex icons for Android

Codex icons for AndroidI made several more icons in the same style as my previous Codex Icons. There are 30 icons this time, and as before, each comes in two versions – with and without reflections. The ones with reflections work really well with LauncherPro dock. This time around I’ve included icons for Angry Birds, Layar, Evernote, Settings, Doubletwist, Shazam, Firefox Home, Bookmark and more. Check out the full preview below. Read more »

Codex Icons for Android

Codex Android IconsI’ve made these to put on my Nexus One, but of course they can be used anywhere, not just on Android. These are minimalistic icons with subtle gradients and shadows; they come in two flavors, one with reflections (what you see in the image above) and a plain style (no reflections and slightly bigger). There is a total of 26 icons and you can see a full preview below. Read more »

Engadget goes hands-on with Google Wave

The good folks at Engadget got a personal tour of Google Wave from the masterminds behind it – Lars and Jens Rasmussen – and lived to tell the tale. The full article goes into some juicy details about this new communication tool, and concludes that while there’s tons of great ideas in there, it’s still not clear how Google Wave will fit in with the rest of various facebooks, lolcats and tweets. I think that as revolutionary (or not) Google Wave is currently, once it gets into the hands of general public and, more importantly, 3rd party developers, that’s when we’re going to see some truly revolutionary things begin to happen. So I’ll be anxiously waiting for September 30th to roll around.

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