My OUYA Review


I was one of the original backers of the OUYA – the little Android gaming console that could. Unfortunately, because of shipping delays I only finally got my OUYA last week, which is after it became available for sale at BestBuy (US only so far as I know). In any case I was finally able to test it out. However, due to my current circumstances I wasn’t able to really sit down with the OUYA for long but I did get to play it with friends so here are my impressions so far. Read more »

Nexus Prime and Ice Cream Sandwich – Everything We Know

Sumsung's Unpacked event teaser

In the world of technology and gadgets this past week has been eventful to say the least. I have already posted on the sadder side of it, but now I want to talk about the more exciting news surrounding the rumoured Nexus Prime and the next version of Android OS dubbed Ice Cream Sandwich. This is a phone I’ve been waiting for since before it was even rumoured, because when I saw the Nexus S I knew I’ll be waiting for the next Nexus phone. So when first a a photo of the phone was leaked, which was then followed by a video of it in action, then a Samsung’s teaser clip, for their Unpacked event, and finally more leaked screenshots, needless to say I was very excited. Read more »

Ice Cream Sandwich first screenshots leaked

Ice Cream Sandwich Home screenLooks like some photos of Ice Cream Sandwich have been leaked to a couple of sites. Ice Cream Sandwich is Google’s next iteration of the Android platform, which is suppose to unify Gingerbread, latest smartphone variation of the OS, with Honeycomb, the latest (and so far the first) tablet variation. There are four screenshots in total, two of them are on RootzWiki and two are on Android Police. They show Ice Cream Sandwich running on Nexus S, though there are a lot of black out sections.

Most likely this is an extremely early version of the OS but it’s already showing some neat things like a new look for folders, separate “Widgets” tab in app launcher and that blue theme we first saw on Honeycomb. Read more »

More Codex icons for Android

Codex icons for AndroidI made several more icons in the same style as my previous Codex Icons. There are 30 icons this time, and as before, each comes in two versions – with and without reflections. The ones with reflections work really well with LauncherPro dock. This time around I’ve included icons for Angry Birds, Layar, Evernote, Settings, Doubletwist, Shazam, Firefox Home, Bookmark and more. Check out the full preview below. Read more »

Codex Icons for Android

Codex Android IconsI’ve made these to put on my Nexus One, but of course they can be used anywhere, not just on Android. These are minimalistic icons with subtle gradients and shadows; they come in two flavors, one with reflections (what you see in the image above) and a plain style (no reflections and slightly bigger). There is a total of 26 icons and you can see a full preview below. Read more »

HTC Dream and Magic are $79.99 on Rogers

Wow, I haven’t heard anything about this but I was checking out the Rogers site and they are now selling HTC Dream and Magic (the Android phones) for $79.99 with a 3-year contract. It started out at $149.99 only a couple of months ago, and now it’s almost half the price. I’ve been thinking of getting myself a smartphone finally, and while I’m not crazy about either of these phones (Dream is old hardware and awkward looks, Magic doesn’t have a physical keyboard) $79.99 is awfully tempting.


Weekend Highlights — Google Wave, HTC Hero, King’s Quest and Screengrab!

So this has been a pretty busy week. Of course the biggest news is me launching this site… <crickets>… or maybe not. I guess it all depends on your perspective. As for the other interesting stuff – Google is sending out 100,000 beta invites to Google Wave in September; HTC Hero has been reviewed by everyone except me; Steam is having a sale on King’s Quest and Space Quests collections, and you know I got it as soon as I saw it; and finally a small Firefox add-on that is going to change my life (not really, but it’s an attention grabber, ain’t it). Read more »