jQuery 1.5 is out

The jQuery team has released a new version of their awesome framework – jQuery 1.5. While not seemingly as significant as the 1.4 release, they made quite a few major changes under the hood.

On top the various bug fixes and performance enhancements one of the major changes in jQuery 1.5 is a complete rewrite of the Ajax module.

Perhaps the largest change is that a call to jQuery.ajax (or jQuery.get, jQuery.post, etc.) now returns a jXHR object that provides consistency to the XMLHttpRequest object across platforms (and allows you to perform previously-impossible tasks like aborting JSONP requests).

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Write single-page Ajax web applications with Sammy.js

Tutsplus.com has a great intro tutorial to Sammy.js, a small JavaScript framework that allows you to write single page web apps, similar to Gmail for example. Because Sammy.js is built on top of jQuery it’s very small, only about 20kb. With this framework you can keep track of your app’s state via hash (#) in the URL, without the need to refresh the site as you go from page to page, and of course it allows you to use the browser’s back button as well.

Check out the full tutorial at net.tutsplus.com.