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Andrey Razoomovsky is a Russian photographer who does some amazing work. I stumbled upon his work on DeviantArt and was blown away.

Art by Andrey Razoomovsky

Art by Andrey Razoomovsky

He’s done some of the most unique photographs I’ve ever seen – they’re very imaginative, have great composition, extremely detailed and perfectly executed. If you do nothing else, you have to check out a collection of photographs entitled “Milk” – beautiful women dressed in milk – if that doesn’t spark your curiosity I don’t know what will. A word of warning though, most of the photographs in this collection are NSFW… then again that also depends on where you work.

Andrey has a DeviantArt profile, but his main work can be found on RAZOOMA.net. The site is in Russian but if you want to simply see his work then just click the first link in the main menu (at the top) and go nuts – from there you can’t go wrong whatever gallery you choose.

Using CSS3 @font-face to “fake” multiple font weights

CSS2 specifies additional font weights, beyond Normal and Bold. In particularly there are 9 font weights in total – 100, 200, 300, 400 (normal), 500, 600 (bold), 700, 800 and 900. Unfortunately browsers still somewhat lack support for this feature, but more importantly fonts lack support for this. Many fonts however, still come with only normal and bold weights. Moreover, based on a few tests, even professional fonts that come with multiple weights (such as thin, light, regular, bold, heavy, etc.) don’t actually support these weights in the same way as the CSS2 specification dictates, in other words they can’t be used out of the box like that.

For example, I have the Arno Pro font (a nice serif font from Adobe). It comes in 4 weights – regular, bold, light and semibold. Each is encapsulated in its own file with a distinct name, e.g. ArnoPro-Bold, ArnoPro-Smdb, ArnoPro-Light, etc. I don’t know much about how fonts work but based on a bit of reading I’ve done, for a font like that I should be able to declare a style that uses “ArnoPro” font-family and based on the weight I assign to a particular element it would use a different version. For example, ArnoPro-Light for 200, ArnoPro-Regular for 400 or normal, and so on. However, based on a few tests I’ve done that doesn’t seem to be the case. In fact “ArnoPro” font isn’t recognized at all, only if I specify explicitly “ArnoPro-Smbd” does it recognize the font. And of course when it’s done like that all but the regular version are stuck with one weight, i.e. font-family:ArnoPro-Smbd; font-weight:normal looks exactly the same as font-family:ArnoPro-Smbd; font-weight:bold.

In short, the situation is less than ideal. However, there may be a at least a partial fix. Read more »

Good Ol’ Games

As my inaugural post I decided that I’m not going to blab about myself, that’s what the “About Me” blurb in the footer is about. Instead I’m going to talk a bit about my favorite discovery of the past few months – GOG.com.



GOG.com (Good Old Games) is a site dedicated to the great PC games of yore. It’s a community site for people who remember the days when an entire game could be fitted on a single 5.25″ disk, and who still love to play the classics once in a while. They (gog.com) also sell many of these classics for download. Their catalog is always growing and much like Steam they always have one sale or another going on, which is frankly putting a load on my credit card so I’m always torn between loving them and hating them. One other thing worth mentioning about GOG.com is that all the games they sell are made compatible with modern Windows OS – XP, Vista, 7, so there’s no need to worry about installing DOSBox or other such software. So far from my experience they all work fine.

And as a web designer I also appreciate their site design – it’s very well done, light, slick and fast, if a bit too grey for my taste.

Anyway, if you miss such classics as Fallout, Earth 2150 or Under A Killing Moon (any Tex Murphy fans in the house?) you should checkout GOG.com.

P.S. And no I’m not affiliated with gog.com, just a big fan, that’s all.

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