Simple Tooltip plugin for jQuery

This is a simple tooltip plugin for jQuery. I wanted to create it in part to try out a few ideas, but also to have something a bit nicer than the default tooltips provided by the browsers. It doesn’t allow for ton of customization (none in fact), although the style can be easily modified via CSS. I like customization so it’s something I may add in the future but for now I wanted to get this going and not get bogged down in a more complex implementation. In the process of writing this latest iteration of the plugin (it’s not the first time I’ve started it) I had a bit of a “lightbulb” moment and I wanted to share it. Read more »

Out with cookies, in with local storage – jStorage and jQuery

HTML5 Local Storage and jStorage

If you still find yourself on occasion using cookies when developing websites – to remember some setting, or selection, or whatever, stop it! Cookies suck – all you can do is store simple strings, which doesn’t give you a lot of options when you need to store complex information that might require an array or an object.

Local storage, on the other hand, is an HTML5 specification that allows browsers to store objects, XML or JSON data easily and it’s fairly widely supported. Better yet, with the jStorage library it works on pretty much every browser of consequence, including IE7 and IE6, where it falls back to userData behaviour. The only downside in case of IE7 and IE6 is that storage size is limited to 128KB, whereas in most other browsers it’s 5MB. Read more »

Testing string concatenation vs. array join performance in JavaScript

Append String vs Join Array Test Results

Some time ago in an “Optimize jQuery/JavaScript” type of article I read that array joins are faster than string concatenations. It seems that this is not true! Although I didn’t just believe the article blindly. I ran a few quick tests and indeed seemed to get results that supported that conclusion. This however, was a while back, it’s possible I screwed up the tests, or maybe browsers started doing things differently.

I’ve already verified, more recently, that this is not the case but I wanted to setup another test using the jsPerf website that allows one to create public tests that aggregate results from all the testers. They also show the results in a nice chart that gives me a big picture view of the test results. In any case, I created a test with 4 cases to see what kind of an advantage string append has over array join. As  well as compare different ways to append strings. The test is available at Read more »

An open letter to the movie industry

I’m sure you’re familiar with the following quote, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.” Well, let me ask you something, for how long now have you been trying to fight piracy by coming up with various DRM methods? How’s that going for you?

It boggles my mind that you fail to realize the basic folly of your approach – DRM doesn’t stop pirates, it only temporarily slows them down (if it did piracy would’ve been already gone, wouldn’t it). It does however permanently hurts the movie watching experience of legitimate users. This isn’t a new idea, it’s been said hundreds of times by hundreds of people, many of whom are smarter than you. So let me break it down for you yet again by the way of an example. Read more »

Nexus Prime and Ice Cream Sandwich – Everything We Know

Sumsung's Unpacked event teaser

In the world of technology and gadgets this past week has been eventful to say the least. I have already posted on the sadder side of it, but now I want to talk about the more exciting news surrounding the rumoured Nexus Prime and the next version of Android OS dubbed Ice Cream Sandwich. This is a phone I’ve been waiting for since before it was even rumoured, because when I saw the Nexus S I knew I’ll be waiting for the next Nexus phone. So when first a a photo of the phone was leaked, which was then followed by a video of it in action, then a Samsung’s teaser clip, for their Unpacked event, and finally more leaked screenshots, needless to say I was very excited. Read more »

Steve Jobs left a major mark on the world

I was saddened to hear that Steve Jobs died today, October 5th, 2011.

Steve JobsPassionate Visionary

Whether you agreed or disagreed with him it is clear that Steve Jobs was always passionate about what he was doing. Right from the get go, when he founded Apple with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, Jobs’s approach to personal computer was much different from other companies, including Microsoft. His goal was always to simplify the computer, make it fit the users’ needs, instead of making users fit the computer’s needs. Read more »

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