Site name shouldn’t use <h1> on every page. Duh!

Unless it’s on the home page of course.

I’ve been using <h1> for site name in my designs since forever, and somehow, with all the reading up on SEO and best practices that I’ve been doing, I still managed to miss the fact that that shouldn’t be the case unless it’s on the home page. Of course it completely makes sense and is so obvious I should smack myself upside the head for not seeing this sooner. Read more »

Echo — even more “social” comments

TechCrunch is testing a new comments system, called Echo. Very interesting idea – there are two parts to it. For one, when you post a comment on an article, any accounts that you tie to it (facebook, twitter, google profile, etc.) get that comment as well. The more interesting part, is that comments from around the web (from systems supported by Echo) that refer to the original article, will get posted to the article’s comments. That, among other things, of course includes twitter, which means this will need some sort of filtering system since a lot of tweets will just have a link to the article, and a word or two. All this is by the way seen in more or less real time in the comments, i.e. they get periodically updated, creating sort of a live feed of comments.

Here is the original TC article.

The web seems to be having an explosion of social services lately – everywhere you turn someone’s offering a new way to share your experience, with even more people, and it’s always more and more “current”, “live” and “real time”. And with iPhone and other smartphones becoming more and more common, accessing internet on the go is becoming a trivial thing, and everyone can pretty much post their lives on the web as they happen. I don’t know if it’s such a good thing in the long run, but right now I’m finding the whole thing pretty exciting.