Designing Web for Big Data

As a web developer and designer the usual challenges I encounter involve things like making sure the page loads fast, providing users with a good layout that directs them to the content in an efficient manner, ensuring that the navigation makes sense, validating their input to prevent user errors and generally making their browsing experience pleasant. All these issues and their solutions have been documented dozen times over by many people. Most of the specifics of the various issues that arise are known and most of the ways to resolve those specific issues are also known. Once in a while however, I find myself dealing with “big data” and then the question becomes, how do I present the user with a lot of data – visual or textual – in a manner that’s not overwhelming, that makes it easy to navigate said data and more importantly, understand and work with it. Or to put it more bluntly, how the heck do I make a table that has hundreds of rows and dozens of columns not a complete pain to deal with?

In this article I will go over some of the specific issues I encountered when building and designing web pages with large amounts of data and the approaches I took to resolve those issues. Not all of my solutions will be appropriate for every type of problem but hopefully this information will come in handy in the future. Read more »

More Codex icons for Android

Codex icons for AndroidI made several more icons in the same style as my previous Codex Icons. There are 30 icons this time, and as before, each comes in two versions – with and without reflections. The ones with reflections work really well with LauncherPro dock. This time around I’ve included icons for Angry Birds, Layar, Evernote, Settings, Doubletwist, Shazam, Firefox Home, Bookmark and more. Check out the full preview below. Read more »

Codex Icons for Android

Codex Android IconsI’ve made these to put on my Nexus One, but of course they can be used anywhere, not just on Android. These are minimalistic icons with subtle gradients and shadows; they come in two flavors, one with reflections (what you see in the image above) and a plain style (no reflections and slightly bigger). There is a total of 26 icons and you can see a full preview below. Read more »

Mindblowing Photography —

Andrey Razoomovsky is a Russian photographer who does some amazing work. I stumbled upon his work on DeviantArt and was blown away.

Art by Andrey Razoomovsky

Art by Andrey Razoomovsky

He’s done some of the most unique photographs I’ve ever seen – they’re very imaginative, have great composition, extremely detailed and perfectly executed. If you do nothing else, you have to check out a collection of photographs entitled “Milk” – beautiful women dressed in milk – if that doesn’t spark your curiosity I don’t know what will. A word of warning though, most of the photographs in this collection are NSFW… then again that also depends on where you work.

Andrey has a DeviantArt profile, but his main work can be found on The site is in Russian but if you want to simply see his work then just click the first link in the main menu (at the top) and go nuts – from there you can’t go wrong whatever gallery you choose.