About Ilia Draznin

My family and I have immigrated to Canada in 1998, from Israel. At the time I was already doing web design and development for a couple of years but I didn’t get into it seriously until a bit later, around 2000. While in university (York U. in Toronto), and later, while working as software engineer for a game development studio, I kept doing web development as a hobby – making sites for friends, or taking on small projects. At the time I was mostly developing sites using HTML and CSS, while the design was done in Photoshop. It wasn’t until about 2004 that I started really getting into JavaScript, when I realized it was good for more than just “onmouseover” effects. Somewhere along the way I picked up PHP as well.

Previously I have worked for a web marketing company as project manager responsible for website development and implementation. I have a very hands-on approach and so I did a lot of coding and design myself, often taking direct part in all stages of a project – from initial design mock-ups, through the front-end implementation, followed by the back-end implementation (sometimes using in-house systems, other times using popular CMS such as Joomla or Drupal), and all the way to QA testing and finally the launch.

Today I work as Senior Front End Architect with End to End Networks. My primary focus is on developing and implementing web applications for both internal and client use. I figure out what are the needs that must be addressed – missing functionality, inefficient or unintuitive implementation, lack of support for mobile platforms, etc. – and then come up with the best way to address them. Creating web applications (as oppose to web sites) is extremely interesting and rewarding work. Both the development and the design sides of it are at once the same and different from regular web sites. With tablets proliferating and HTML5 taking off I’m excited to see what the future holds for the web.