Good Ol’ Games

As my inaugural post I decided that I’m not going to blab about myself, that’s what the “About Me” blurb in the footer is about. Instead I’m going to talk a bit about my favorite discovery of the past few months – (Good Old Games) is a site dedicated to the great PC games of yore. It’s a community site for people who remember the days when an entire game could be fitted on a single 5.25″ disk, and who still love to play the classics once in a while. They ( also sell many of these classics for download. Their catalog is always growing and much like Steam they always have one sale or another going on, which is frankly putting a load on my credit card so I’m always torn between loving them and hating them. One other thing worth mentioning about is that all the games they sell are made compatible with modern Windows OS – XP, Vista, 7, so there’s no need to worry about installing DOSBox or other such software. So far from my experience they all work fine.

And as a web designer I also appreciate their site design – it’s very well done, light, slick and fast, if a bit too grey for my taste.

Anyway, if you miss such classics as Fallout, Earth 2150 or Under A Killing Moon (any Tex Murphy fans in the house?) you should checkout

P.S. And no I’m not affiliated with, just a big fan, that’s all.

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